Gulfmart Cashback Membership

Cashback Membership

Gulfmart Cashback Membership Program is a property of Gulfmart governed by the laws of the State of Kuwait and hereafter shall be referred as Membership Program.Members hereafter refers to all the members registered under Gulfmart Cashback Membership program.

Gulfmart Cashback Membership
  1. Membership is available to all qualifying individuals 18 years of age and above.
  2. Gulfmart reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership may be terminated at Gulfmart’s discretion and without cause
  3. Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Gulfmart including our practices, and they may be amended from time to time without notice
  4. Members if residents of Kuwait are required to present their Valid Kuwait Civil ID and Passport in case of non-residents before signing up for membership.
  5. All the members are required to provide their Mobile number, email id during the registration process
  6. Gulfmart reserves the right to cancel a customer’s membership from any other Membership programs offered by Gulfmart at the time of enrollment.
Membership Card:
  1. Membership card is valid at all Gulfmart Stores operating in Kuwait.
  2. Members must show their Membership card to avail all the benefits associated with this membership Program. Bar codes, photos or other copies are not acceptable.

  1. A Member under this program, during their annual validity period is entitled to receive a cashback benefit of upto 4% from all their eligible purchases credited to their membership account.
  2. The percentage of cashback is based on the slab of total eligible purchases of a member during the validity period as mentioned in the below table. Each slab has its respective cashback percentage and shall automatically be credited to a member’s account

The current cash back benefit and membership fee structure is as follows:

Cashback Slab Total Eligible Sales (KD) Cashback Percentage(%) Membership Fee (KD)
SLAB 1 0.000 - 999.999 1.00% 0.000
SLAB 2 1,000.000 - 1,399.999 1.50% 2.500
SLAB 3 1,400.000 - 1,719.999 1.75% 5.000
SLAB 4 1,720.000 - 2,159.999 2.00% 8.000
SLAB 5 2,160.000 - 2,699.999 2.50% 12.000
SLAB 6 2,700.000 - 3,379.999 2.75% 18.000
SLAB 7 3,380.000 - 4,259.999 3.00% 25.000
SLAB 8 4,260.000 - 5,359.999 3.50% 30.000
SLAB 9 5,360.000 - 6,800.000 4.00% 40.000

  • Membership fee towards membership services shall be charged from the total cashback earned. Each slab has its respective membership fee as mentioned in the above table.

  • Terms & Conditions of Cashback:
    • Slab shall be auto applied for a member’s account based on their total eligible purchases during the validity period.
    • Slab shall be recycled at the time of auto renewal of membership account. Any member shall have the first slab (Slab1) activated by default after the renewal of membership
    • Any slab in any manner shall not affect or be applied on the previous purchases or cashback credited to a member’s account. Any member shall receive the cashback based on their active slab at the time of account renewal
    • The maximum annual purchases made by a single member that is applicable for a cashback is KD6,800.
    • A member can earn a maximum KD230 during any given annual validity period.
    • A member can redeem their cashback credited to account after the renewal of membership account
    • Any cashback credited to an account shall have a validity of 365 days from the date of credit.
    • If a cashback is partially or completely unused then, Gulfmart reserves the right to auto expire such cashback after its validity period of 365 days without any prior notice to a member.
    • In the event of a member discontinues shopping at Gulfmart for a period of six consecutive months, then their cashback shall be nullified without any prior notice.
    • A member can redeem the cashback earned at any of Gulfmart outlets in Kuwait.
    • A member can request a cheque for cashback value only after the renewal of membership by visiting any of the Gulfmart stores.

    General Terms of Usage & Benefits:
    • All the benefits associated with the memberships are exclusive to its owner and cannot be shared with anyone.
    • The benefits of no two accounts can be merged.
    • Promotional products highlighted on flyers, Tobacco & allied products, Mobile Recharge & Other Utility Payment Recharges will not be considered as eligible purchases while calculating the savings.
    • Any lucky draw or marketing campaigns shall be digital and organized by Gulfmart in association with Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
    • Gulfmart reserves the right to terminate a customer’s membership in case he/she is found violating any of the terms and conditions.
    • Any disputes or disagreement with the benefits are to be reported within 30 days of the transaction date. Gulfmart shall not be responsible for any dispute or disagreement after 30 days of the transaction date.
    • Acceptance of return or exchange of products purchased will be as per Gulfmart Standard Returns policy.
    • Gulfmart shall have the rights to utilize customers details for its advertisement, publicity, and other marketing activities.
    • Gulfmart reserves the rights to update the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
    • A member can check their cashback at all our customer service desks and checkout counters at stores.

    Renewing Membership:

    • The membership shall be auto renewed for a period of 365 days.

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